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How it works?

Using a very easy-to-use panel, you can enter the pairs of shoes you are looking for into the system. Later, with one click, you can generate a link that will allow any user who has it to see live what pairs of shoes you are currently looking for, and you will be able to easily and simply share the graphics in various places.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose SOLELIST?

Simplicity, efficiency and comfort of use in relation to traditional Excel are, in our opinion, a completely different level. In a few seconds you can add, remove or change the price or the number of pairs of product, the ability to set contact details for contractors or connecting your social media profiles makes it easier to contact a potential buyer or seller.

How much does access to SOLELIST cost?

We are currently beta testing the site, during which we will constantly improve our platform, and the use of SOLELIST is completely FREE.

What operating systems are supported?

SOLELIST is a web application, which means that you can use it from any computer with Internet access using a web browser. Dedicated app for iOS is available.